Viewings at our student housing Stoke on Trent

Can I rent with my friends?

When you book a viewing please let us know the size of your group and we will try our best to accommodate you in our luxury student accommodation.

How do I book a viewing?

Please call us on 07910 086416 to book a viewing. Also, if you have a preference of student housing please let us know and we will try to accommodate that in the viewing.

When can I book a viewing for?

When you call on 07910 086416 we will try to work around your times however we cannot guarantee availability. To ensure that a viewing at our student houses is booked at the most suitable time for you please contact us well in advance.

Additional information about our student accommodation

Do I have to pay for TV licences?

In all our student housing the TV licence for the communal TVs has been paid for but if you wish to watch TV in your own room you will need to purchase your own.

What does all-inclusive mean?

It means that your rent includes all your utility bills (gas, electricity and water). However, we do have a fair usage allowance on these utilities.

Is there laundry facilities in your student housing?

Yes, all our student houses include a washer dryer. So, there is no need to pay or leave your student housing to do laundry.

Living in our student housing Stoke on Trent

Who else will be living in the student accommodation?

Typically, 2nd and 3rd year students however we also have 1st years and postgraduate students.

Can I bring my pet?

No, unfortunately we do not allow any pets in any of our student housing.

Can I smoke in the student house?

No, smoking in any of our student housing is not allowed.

Can I swap my student room?

Typically, during term time no however if you know someone in another one of our student houses who is willing to swap with you then it may be possible.

Who is responsible for the cleanliness of the student rentals?

You are responsible for keeping your own room clean and all students in a house share are responsible for keeping the communal areas clean. At the end of your tenancy we expect our student houses to be in the same condition as the start.

Do you allow two students in the same room?

No, unfortunately we have no double rooms in our student housing.

Can I put pictures on the wall?

You can only blue tack photos to a specified area on the wall, this area also acts as a whiteboard.

Moving in to our student houses

Can I move in early?

Most of the time it will be possible to move in early to our student housing, but please let us know if you wish to do so.

What should I bring?

Since all the student rooms are furnished all you need is the essentials such as:
Bed linen
Kitchen utensils
For more information see The Student Room


luxury student accommodation stoke on trent


luxury student accommodation stoke on trent


student housing stoke on trent


student housing stoke on trent